domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011


Immersion is a serie of videos originaly show in where a group of gamers test about what would happen if reality was more like a videogame.
1º- In this video they show how would be driving a car with the typical view of videogames.
2º- Here they test if the distractions that normaly affects gamers in online games can reach someone with army training.
3º- In the third episody of this series we gonna see if the cloth normaly used by feminine characters in beat'up videogames work in real life fights.
4º- Will side scrolling view work in real life??

5º- How will it be if we were forced to carry all the things that normaly are in the inventory of videogames.

6º- Is food a miracle healer just like videogames?? Only one way to know.

7º- The last episody of this series shows if a normal person could just pick a gun and start firing headshots Left for Dead style.

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  1. Well i cant understand the post itself, but the videos are cool so great post! :)

  2. I'm considering putting the blog in english, maybe if I start having some coments from non-portuguese speakers ;)

  3. Ha Ha i know this guys they are amazing realy funny videos :D