segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

[Anime] Highschool of the Dead

Some time ago a friend said to me that this anime was very good and I think: "Meh, maybe is okay, lets see it".
From the very first episody I became a fan of this ecchi anime (ecchi anime = anime with erotic content but not pornographic).

The action is great and it has a good story with a open end. I have read a lot about the possibility of a 2º season but nothing confirmed until now.
The central plot is the typical zombie situation. A epidemy of a "zombie virus" starts spreading, they can only be defeat by smashing their heads, etc.
The main characters in this story are a group of students that manage to escape their zombie infested school and try to survive the zombie-apocalipse. I'm not goona tell you more so that I won't spoil it ;)

I recomend all of you to see it.

P.S.: The manga on which the anime is based is still going on and has advance a lot more in the story than the anime so, if you like reading mangas, I recomend you to give this a shot.

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  1. Not a fan of anime but gonna check this out. No fapping though!

  2. I will check this out and give the feedback then.

  3. @Tó Rock: This anime is erotic because the girls apear with small outfits and sometimes in lingerie. It's not pornographic because it has no cens of sex.

  4. @Zach: hope you like it